Art that walks

The vision that builds an iconic brand


And H.

Talking about his iconic brand and the 2013 Tattooed Girl Art Apparel

“In the 1920s Speak Easy and theatre, pole dancing was the new spirit of an era.  The art rose above repression and prohibition, slipping seamlessly into consciousness.  Now it’s likely to become an Olympic demo sport. It outstrips gymnastics in its demands on the body for style, agility, supple strength, courage and creative mystique. They are all integral to a poised and polished pole dance performance. This whole body-perfect, honed and toned ethos was my inspiration in creating the Sick N Fine brand, not to mention the contemporary mood of language that inspired the very name, “Sick N Fine”.

Designer clothing

Art becomes philosophy. Along with it, an obsession with the body beautiful, painted, adorned, perfected. For me, it was a natural progression from appreciating the art of physical beauty to become caught up in the artistry of tattoo – the new statement of art in our time.


Play with it. Pose it. Posture it.

My vision… to build the dream brand, one that captures the spirit of now in all its craving for lithe and limber physical perfection. Find the brand on key apparel: hot pants, T-shirts, hoodies, tops, caps, vests and more. Sick N Fine is unique fashion not just to hang in wardrobes or from celebrity shoulders… It’s art to hang proud on the walls of the world.

This is art that walks. You’ll wear it well or you won’t wear it at all.  You’ll frame it.”


And H.